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Highly elegant and functional bodysuit to show your individuality. Thanks to its unconventional appearance and fine-tuned design, it can be used not only while riding, but also for casual wear and leisure activities. Carefully selected materials with easy maintenance and high breathability ensure maximum comfort and pleasure when riding. The fastening of the bodysuit is high and does not restrict when riding

* Elegant collar
* Carefully tuned cut for maximum comfort
* Very lightweight and comfortable material
* Easy maintenance and quick drying system
* High breathability and comfort

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Horse riding bodysuit

A bodysuit is the perfect piece to wear when you want to maintain a smooth, seamless silhouette
and ensure your top doesn't 'ride up'.

Equestrian bodysuit

Cut and material of equestrain bodysuits

The cut is made for the female figure and is very flattering. Riding points have a shiny surface and look very luxurious on the body. It slims the figure and makes nice curves.

The material is flexible on 4 sides and is like a second skin. You will feel freedom of movement and nothing will restrict you while riding. Body is super comfortable for riding and any movement.

  Composition: 78% Polyamide 22% Spandex

Fastening the riding bodysuit

The body has snap fasteners in the front and is high, so it is not in the part where you sit while riding. It is completely safely located and easily accessible in the event of the need to open it.

Body suit desing adapts perfectly to the body and gives a feeling of comfort and convenience.

How and with what to combine equestrian bodysuits?

Equestrian bodysuits can be combined with any black leggings.

In the photo, they are wearing leggings from our offer:

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HORSE riding bodysuit

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