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Unique comfortable riding leggings HORSE SPIRIT. Ride with style. Elastic, comfortable fabric, higher waist. Leggings ensure total wearing comfort. Special mobile phone pocket on the right thigh, positioned so that it is easily accessible and does not interfere with any movement.Full seat grip.


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Riding leggings with full seat grip

Are you looking for comfortable and high-quality riding leggings that will suit you and really last? Whether you ride parkour, dressage, eventing or just outside, you will really appreciate these riding leggings.

They are great riding leggings with a quality grip for everyday riding and training your horse.

Cut and material of the riding leggings

The cut is made for the female figure and is very flattering. The riding leggings have a shiny surface and look very luxurious on the body. They slim the figure and make nice curves. Most leggings have the disadvantage that they come down a bit when you ride, so our leggings have belt loops, although they stay in place nicely, you can also secure them with a belt. Nowadays, a cell phone pocket on the left thigh is a necessity, so that the phone is easily accessible and at the same time in a safe place and does not restrict you.

The material is flexible on 4 sides and is like a second skin. You will feel freedom of movement and nothing will restrict you while riding. Leggings are super comfortable for riding and any movement.

The big advantage of this material is that you can easily brush off the dust and you are like new.

Composition: 88% Polyester 22% Spandex

Silicon grip

The material itself slides in the saddle and therefore you will appreciate the full-seat grip, which will hold you just right while riding.

Riding leggings are very comfortable and hold nicely when riding, it doesn't twist.

The grip feels sticky, but it's comfortable in the saddle - it keeps you safely in the saddle, but at the same time it will not restrict freedom of movement in any way.

Phone pocket on riding leggings

The phone pocket is large enough to fit any type of phone and keep it with you at all times. Whether it's for your safety during a ride or for fun, when you want to film or take pictures of something interesting, you always have it within easy reach and at the same time safely stored.

The pocket is finished with an elegant zipper, so the phone is safe and cannot fall out of your pocket.

The pocket complements the overall design of the riding leggings and it is a nice and interesting detail.

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