thermal riding shirt black

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High quality very comfortable riding thermal t-shirt for everyday riding. The warmer fabric is designed for colder weather, the riding t-shirt is also suitable as a second layer of clothing.

Size guide

Equestrian long sleeve Base Layer

Premium Italian material that is combed inside and very comfortable.

Whether you ride parkour, dressage, eventing or just ride for fun and relax, you will really appreciate our riding thermal T-shirt.

It will keep you warm and at the same time breathable, so it is suitable for everyday riding and training of your horse.

Cut and material of the riding thermal long sleeve Base layer

The cut is made for the female figure and is very flattering. The t-shirt is flexible and is slim fit. If you prefer looser clothing, choose one size larger. The t-shirt looks very luxurious on the body and is really very comfortable.

The material is 4 ways stretch and feels like a second skin. You will feel freedom of movement and nothing will restrict you while riding. 

The big advantage of this material is that you can easily brush off the dust and you are like new.

Composition: 80% Polyester 20% Lycra

Extended sleeves with thumb hole.

Technical performance and optimum comfort

Base layers are a popular choice for many riders, either to work as a warm layer against your skin in winter or as a breathable, full-stretch summer top. They are designed from soft stretch technical fabrics and are purposely designed for performance sportswear, giving you unrestricted movement while wicking away moisture for dry comfort.

Base layers are most effective when worn directly against the skin. They are designed to regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture to keep you dry, helping to stay cool or warm depending on the conditions. Look for base layers made from technical fabrics with wicking, odour-control and quick-drying properties. 

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