Browband for horses Seastride

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Browband made of first-class ECO Friendly leather, stones have a diameter of 10mm and are lined with a strass chain.

The innovative premium quality design guarantees high durability and sturdiness.

For the headband, you can choose the Velcro quick release, with which the change of the browband is very fast without the need to disassemble the entire bridle.

Processing time 5 - 8 work days

Size guide

Shiny browband for horses

The headband is very beautiful and colored through a shade of blue, light blue to white. Suitable for festive occasions such as shows, parades, races or for your enjoyment anytime.

Why browband

Headbands are a quick and easy way to change the look of your bridle with different styles and patterns. Horse headbands with high quality details and embellishments offer an easy way to change an ordinary leather headband into a fashionable and exceptional one for different occasions.

Basic colour of the bridle headband

The colour of the bridle should be chosen according to your existing bridle. We have the Seastride decorative browband in stock on a saddle tan headband. If you need a different colour, please inform us. We will arrange it. There is a choice of 3 colours according to the photo.

Headband fastening for horses

The headband can be fitted with a VELCRO Velcro fastener, which makes changing the headband very quick without having to dismantle the whole bridle. We highly recommend this method!

It eliminates the need to take the whole bridle apart from having to put the headband on the sides of the bridle and put it all back together.

On request we are also able to supply a classic headband ending.

With what clothes to combine this headband

This is headband is absolutely perfect and we recommend to combine it with show or training clothes. Preferably a similar colour combination to the one her rhinestones have.

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