HORSE Spirit supports the educational project We can read and study a lot of interesting information from the riding environment on their website.


By purchasing the KoněČ riding T-shirt created by our HORSE Spirit brand, you will contribute to the development of this project and support the idea that being an educated rider is the best thing you can do for yourself and your horse.

is a team of people who have the welfare of horses in the first place and try to raise it by educating the general equestrian public.

They mainly deal with translations of articles and videos, but their efforts do not end there. They organize educational courses, webinars and also produce their own educational content. #budvzdelanyjezdec


Technical training long-sleeved shirt with a silver zipper, chic design and elegant collar. Luxurious stretch fabric is designed to fit like a second skin. This shirt is great for riding, training and also perfect for a gym, running and other sports activities. Carefully chosen easy-care materials and sharp design make it perfect for any occasion.*Very...
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